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2011 Visiting Okinawa Karate Dojo

10 Nov, 2021 09:13am


1. Uechiryu Dojo

Master Masakazu Kinjo, who is Kyoshi of Okinawan Uechi-Ryu and also specialises in Kobudo (traditional weapons) skills. We had a vigorous session practising with nunchuku and we were privileged to learn a nunchuku kata (Kubogawa No Nunchuku.) We also observed training with sai, tonfa, bo and several other weapons and the skill level was excellent.

2. Kyudokan Dojo

Master Higa Minori, who is 10th Dan and Hanshi of Kyudokan. Master Higa and his attention to detail. We can now appreciate more fully the commitment to traditional Karate-Do that exists in other karate schools.

3. Okinawa Gojyu Ryu H.Q

Master Higaonna Morio. Master Higaonna is 10th Dan Hanshi of Goju Ryu and is respected throughout the karate world. The training session was extraordinary in every possible way. The session continued for 3 ½ hours and was a traditional Goju class. Master Higaonna gave a deep insight into technique training, mind training, proper breathing, as well as history and many other aspects. We practiced basic training, traditional martial art weight training, as well as makiwara, kata and grappling.