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2011 Training Camp

12 Nov, 2021 07:38pm

The 2011 Kei Shin Kan training camp was held in Sydney on 28-30 October 2011. The camp was led by Shihan Uchida.

Training commenced on Friday night with a hard session of basic techniques and exercises. The next session commenced at 6:00am Saturday morning and another session after breakfast. These sessions covered combination techniques and kata practice. In the afternoon, there was a kata and kumite tournament divided between black belt divisions and other coloured belt divisions. In the evening, there was a karate seminar where the head instructor from each state presented on a different topic. On Sunday morning, training again commenced at 6:00am and after breakfast there was a grading for all eligible students. The grading was successful with several students passing to Sandan grade and Reg Green passed Yondan.

The spirit of the camp was excellent and everyone enjoyed the camaraderie and the intense study.

Our kind thanks go to Shihan Uchida for leading KSK students on this camp.